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FINALLY, I’m back home in LA. Unfortunately I came home to my ol’ truck having a gas leak so I’ve been on my Harley all week. I can’t really ride it much at night due to its ridiculously loud Bassani Street Sweeper exhaust. I feel like the biggest A-hole going thru the canyon after 9pm, but the pipes look so damn good lol. I have to say this Harley 883 is a great bike to ride around this city. Its pretty quick and nimble although i am considering doing the 1200 conversion to give it just a little more kick. I’ll keep y’all posted.



photos: Brett Erickson


glasses – Ray Ban

pants – Dockers

watch – Throne

hat – Vans

motorcycle – Harley Iron 883

white tee – James Perse

jeans –  Naked and Famous

gloves – Carhartt

boots – clarks



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