Movado // 6th street bridge

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hey all, its been a minute!

i’m finally back home in LA for a little while and can’t wait to get back to the grind.

my schedule has been pretty ridiculous the past year; from going on tour with ariana to a string of gnarly road trips, life has me feeling lost and in search of a new daily routine.

fitness, food, photography, repeat lol.

i’ve literally said yes to every editorial job since the start of the new year which has consumed my schedule, leaving me almost no time to work out or venture in the world. that creative tension sparked me to hit up my good friend and photographer Brett Erickson to go shoot something. i decided we should go visit one of my favorite locations in the city, the historic 6th street bridge before its demolition.

the 6th street bridge also happens to be one of LA’s most iconic land marks. its been featured in countless movies: Grease, terminator, blood in blood out… all the favorites.

it’s definitely sad to see such a beautiful piece of architecture have to go but evidently there is a 70% chance of collapse if a major quake hits… so it’s pretty much inevitable.

while we were down there we got to take some pics of my new favorite timepiece i just got by Movado.

this watch is awesome! it connects with your iPhone via bluetooth and keeps track of your steps/sleep all while looking sharp! you can check out their other styles here.



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